When Delta state Deputy Gov commends GbaramatuVoice

By Shina Badmus

History was made on June 30 2019, when the Deputy Governor of Delta State, Barr. Kingsley Otuaro hosted the 2019 Champions of Amaseikumor Football Tournament in Okerenkoko, Gbaramatu Kingdom of the state.

While the amiable and gentle Barr Otuaro brought smiles on the faces of the players, he also lengthened his felicitation to what’s now regarded as the leading and trusted newspaper in the Niger Delta area – GbaramatuVoice.

The affable deputy governor, who does not shy away from condemning or commending any issue where necessary, commended this newspaper that barely came on board in 2015, for the management’s excellent, efficient and balanced reportage of the Niger Delta.

Otuaro’s eulogies of GbaramatuVoice somewhat revealed the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of the newspaper, Mr. Jacobs Abai who without a doubt believed in himself and the rest fall into place in what is seen today as GbaramatuVoice.

Otuaro saw the dexterity with which Abai was moving about his journalism business, hence he told the world to have faith in their different positive abilities, joined with a dint of hard work.

Otuaro said that GbaramatuVoice’s resilient effort in news coverage had shown that there was no barrier or distance in the processes of information collation and dissemination.

In his words, “I want to thank GbaramatuVoice, a wonderful newspaper that has come to stay. I want to emphasize the fact that the work that you are doing is valuable.

“You have brought events close to our heart. You have been able to help us appreciate that there is actually no barrier or distance in information dissemination and collation.”

While talking on the football tournament, Otuaro said it was a tough one but was happy with the outcome; adding that GbaramatuVoice was awesome in its reportage and this glued him through the event.

According to him, “As the tournament was going on, Okerenkoko Yankee FC and Tebujor were playing, I was observing the scores on GbaramatuVoice.

“I was on edge because I didn’t want Tebujor to win Yankee FC. So, as the report about the match was ongoing I was afraid.

“Different people were giving their own score, but I was still waiting for GbaramatuVoice to give us the final result.

“As everybody was giving their result I waited patiently until GbaramatuVoice reported that Okerenkoko won the match.

“I was relaxed, then took a bottle of Champaign to calm my nerves.

“During the finals between Okerenkoko and Oporoza, following up on GbaramatuVoice, I knew it will be a tough match.

“As the match went on, Okerenkoko scored in the first half, I was relaxed. During the second half, I was monitoring the time hoping the referee would end the game. But then, Oporoza equalized the goal, I was deflated.

“I was on edge because of the equalizing goal. But the second half ended 1-1 and the match went into a penalty shootout.

“I can recall that Okerenkoko has fantastic goalkeepers always and so, I was confident in the team and they eventually won the match.”

Barr Otuaro however added that in all, those who love their work do not complain, just as GbaramatuVoice had shown.