WED 2020: Chevron Nigeria Limited’s Commitment to Biodiversity Conservation

Jeff Ewing, CNL MD

“We should preserve every scrap of biodiversity as priceless while we learn to use it and come to understand what it means to humanity.” These words of Edward Wilson underscore the emerging conversations as we mark yet another World Environment Day (WED).

The World Environment Day (WED), which takes place annually on June 5 is the biggest event to celebrate and promote environmental awareness and sustainability across the globe. Established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972, WED aims to raise global awareness and mobilize humans to take positive environmental action to protect nature and the planet Earth.

This global event has since become the principal vehicle through which the UN stimulates worldwide awareness about the environment. It also gives a human perspective to environmental issues, empowers people to become active agents of sustainable development and advocates multi-stakeholder partnerships in support of the environment. From 1973, when the first WED was held, the event has always been marked with different campaign themes and discussions focusing on environmental stewardship.

“Biodiversity”, the theme for World Environment 2020, as defined by the United Nations (U.N) Convention on Biological Diversity includes the diversity of ecosystems, species and genes and the ecological processes that support them. Unfortunately, biodiversity is under threat in many areas of the world and maintaining global diversity has emerged as a prominent and widespread issue, as natural diversity in ecosystems is essential to human life and plays an important role in sustainable development.

Chevron Nigeria Limited, the operator of the joint venture between Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and CNL conducts its business in a socially and environmentally-sustainable manner in compliance with regulatory requirements, stakeholder expectation, best practices and has made Environmental stewardship part of its social investment programs. For close to 60 years, CNL has remained an active agent of sustainable development and strong advocate of partnerships in support of the environment.

Explaining CNL’s commitment to biodiversity, the Chairman/Managing Director, Jeff Ewing noted that CNL is proud to be part of the solution to the global environmental issues wherever the company operates through its sound environmental management policy that supports environmental stewardship and sustainable development.

According to him, CNL has in place a company-wide operational excellence management system that delivers industry-leading performance in process safety, personal safety and health, environment, reliability and efficiency. CNL has a record of responsible environmental stewardship everywhere it operates and has also established enduring partnerships with governments, non–governmental organizations, business organizations and communities. CNL has been supporting and sponsoring various programmes aimed at Biodiversity Conservation. These partnerships and efforts continue to be widely recognized and rewarded,” he remarked.

CNL’s Environmental stewardship process lays the foundation for sound environmental management. The identification, assessment and management of environmental risks runs through the entire project cycle from inception to operations and through decommissioning. CNL recognizes the importance of minimizing our footprints towards conserving biodiversity. The NNPC/CNL Joint Venture (JV) strives continually to achieve world class environmental excellence by assessing potential risks and reducing its footprints and potential impacts from its operations on the environment.

CNL continues to conduct Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Environmental Evaluation studies of its operations to ensure potential environmental risks are identified and where necessary mitigated in accordance with environmental performance standards and industry best practices. The company continues to invest in best available technology for tracking and managing of its ecological footprint in its areas of operation.

Chevron Nigeria’s commitment to preserving the environment has left enduring landmarks in the landscape. The Company established in 1992, the Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC) — a center of excellence in environmental research and education, reserved as a sanctuary for the rich flora and fauna of the Lekki Peninsula. The 78-­hectare facility was set up by the Company in partnership with the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF). NCF is Nigeria’s foremost non-governmental organization dedicated to environmental conservation and an affiliate of the World-Wide Fund for Nature.

In 2005, CNL began supporting a yearly postgraduate research scholarship for PhD students in environment and conservation, instituted by the Nigeria Conservation Foundation In addition, CNL hosts the annual S.L. Edu Memorial Lecture to promote environmental management awareness.

Also, in line with CNL’s commitment to environmental stewardship, we partner with Lagos State Government and the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) to sponsor an annual environmental awareness programmes, tagged, Walk for Nature, an event held to create awareness and promote nature conservation and sustainable environmental management for the protection of Nigeria’s biological resources.

Esimaje Brikinn, CNL’s General Manager, Policy, Government and Public Affairs notes that beyond the awards, CNL is willing to continue its collaboration with relevant stakeholders towards biodiversity Conservation. “For close to 60 years, Chevron Nigeria Limited has remained an active agent of sustainable development and strong advocate of partnerships in support of the environment. We will continue to partner with stakeholders in raising public awareness on the importance of environmental sustainability and biodiversity conservation,” he remarked.