HRM Gbebokedi D. Ajiri-Oba, Oguruyeke Okirimini 1
HRM Gbebokedi D. Ajiri-Oba, Oguruyeke Okirimini 1

The Ijaw speaking people of Tubutoru Kingdom in Odigbo Local Government Area of Ondo State will this week have a new paramount ruler to oversee its affairs.

According to High Chief Gius Warigou who made the announcement of the coronation on behalf of the Kingdom reveals that the King to be coronated is Gbebokedi D. Ajiri-Oba as the Oguruyeke Okirimini 1 of Tubutoru kingdom, emphasising that Taribo Community where the coronation is alleged to take place is also the headquarters of the Kingdom

Chief Gius, while giving a brief history about the Kingdom stated that ,”Tubutoru Kingdom is an autonomous kingdom, comprising of the Ijaw speaking communities on the coast of Odigbo Local Government Area of Ondo state with traditional headquarters at Taribor town, it was founded around 17th century.”

However, it was gathered that the communities that make up the Kingdom includes Abadi-gbene, Kofama-gbene, Ikure-gbene, Temewei-emi Zion, Yenemo-gbene, Adirimo-gbene, Otumara-gbene, Iyorodina-gbene, Kandiu-gbene, James-gbene, Aba-Aba Gbene, Gbenewei, Ebidou-gbene, Okwa-bobogha, Okoro-uba gbene and others.

Gius, while giving the breakdown of events marking the traditional rites and coronation ceremony of the new paramount ruler of the Kingdom noted that the ceremony has been slated to commence on the 10th to 13th of October 2016 to observe various traditional rites while noting that, day four of the programme, the 13th, will mark the official coronation ceremony of the monarch by his people.

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