The plaintiff in my wife by Ekanpou Enewaridideke

Ekanpou Enewaridideke

The plaintiff in my wife 

MY dear wife, you are a perpetual plaintiff in every case.
I have not seen anybody as litigious as you are.
Yet, everybody says you are calm and beautiful.
Everybody says you are my wife.
Even as an equally litigious person I shall not file a counter affidavit to all these claims
But like the sun upon me, my fears gaze at me.

A coup cobbled by craggy crawlers in your river,
Someday wrinkles craggily colonise you.
Forever you become a bondsman to the reign of wrinkles on your territory, sickening me to a distant dancer.
A distant dancer carrying a poisoned passion.

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Apace the once celebrated queens age, bodies bowed as leaves to wind, wrinkles dancing craggily upon queens too tired to resist.
My head aches ‘kpe kpe’ like the Warri Waka of Barrister Smooth’s creation.
Pleasures sought at that time denied their pleasant places.
Life turns hell carrying flaming tongue that burns sought pleasures too tired to turn Phoenix

Incinerated I saw my sought pleasures…
A man without honey to hunt and hold unto the mouth.
A eunuch I turn at that time, pleasures cloying like stale fruits

My dear wife,beauty has turned you into a plaintiff and I into a defendant without filed counter affidavit to all your claims and reliefs sought by you.
Even as a defendant I have a waiting motion for your judgement.

You are a big river with canals.
Someday these canals run dry or clogged by waterweeds.
Before wrinkles rise and reign over your river as a colonial master, please license me to journey into all your canals and fish.
If I am licensed to fish there, I shall have no regrets when wrinkles rise and reign over your once beautiful river.

My dear wife, always a defendant without counter affidavit I shall be.
But you must not allow your waiting wrinkled reign rain fears upon me before the final wrinkled arrival like King Pereama and King Izonebi who fear the awaited arrival of old age…

And so shall it be with all politicians in power like His Excellency Otuaro, Hon.Julius Pondi, Hon.Forteta Asupa and Hon.Ekpotuayerin Pullah and the waiting voters who were the lubricants for their progression to the peak of political power.

Enewaridideke, writes from Akparemogbene, Delta State

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