That Jonathan in the Delta

Ekanpou Enewaredideke


Invaded by flood, the ground-dwelling birds and the animals are swepf off their familiar territory
Away they journey ‘Zele zele’ unto the abode of their neighbours expectant of warmth like a bedraggled hunter right before the hearth

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Their neighbours kill them for supper with sadistic smiles
In their neighbours the escaping birds and the animals find another ravaging flood
In their neighbours the escapees find another cannibalistic flood waiting to devour their preys

No longer blame the flood because the neighbours are more cannibalistic and destructive than the flood
The neighbours are the government shelters for the escaping birds and the animals
The neighbours are now the pythons and the crocodiles unto them that come for warmth
The Bermuda Triangle they are unto the birds and the animals on the run

Why are the humans searching for warmth from the government?
The same humans who deprive the escaping birds and the animals of warmth and shelter?

Where is the IDP camp for the escaping birds and the animals?Would the birds and the animals still be there for us after the ravaging flood?
So we should only be content with an invaded ecosystem anchored by humans after the flood?
Don’t the escaping birds and the animals feel the pains of the ravaging flood?
Where is the shelter for the endangered birds and the animals?
Where is our humanity?
Can the humans live without the birds and the animals after the flood?
Does King Alfred Izonebi also have a space for the ravaged birds and the animals in his awaited supercalifragilisticexpialidocious song on the 2022 crude flood?