•Calls Itsekiri new found neighbours

WARRI~ Chief Bello Oboko,  the Ebiyedouwei of Gbaramatu Kingdom has warned against comments capable of causing unnecessary crisis between the Ijaws of Gbaramatu and their Itsekiri neighbours.

Dr. Bello gave the warning today in a statement sent to Gbaramatu Voice Newspaper while reacting to a publication credited to the Itsekiri Movement for Peace and Justice (IMPJ)  through the group’s coordinator Mr. Amaechi Omagbitse Ogbonna in which the purported publication claims  the Federal Government indecision in dealing with the Ijaws particularly in Warri South West is inciting another crisis in Warri.

The advanced activist accused the IMPJ of inciting another crisis and not the federal Government, he particularly noted that the publication is not only inciting but also a gross invitation to yet another crisis in Warri and its environs.

Dr. Oboko however, frowns and condemned the unabated bombings that is seemingly crippling the nation’s economy.

It will be recalled that the Itsekiri Movement for Peace and Justice (IMPJ) had on July 08, 2016 p5, Vanguard Newspaper published that the FG is inciting another crisis in Warri which prompted the activist response.

The statement read:


“Speaking in a similar vein Coordinator of Itsekiri Movement for Peace and Justice Mr Amaechi Omagbitse Ogbona, said, “The environment of Warri South-west council area is being designated by criminal destruction of the vast oil assets that belong to Itsekiri. Burutu is the only locality producing oil in Delta State.There is no place called Gbaramatu clan or kingdom. It is simply as Ijaw settlement owned by Omadino and Ugborodo. There is a judgement to that effect.” deriving live and strength from former  colonial authority then exercised by his kinsman DORE NUMA in equanimity with the following:

“Chief Dore had a “camp” which testified  as witness against Nanna in which case  ” the basic rule of law which requires that a man should not be an accuser and judge in a matter was violated.” (A HISTORY OF WARRI BY J. O. AYOMIKE p.104)

“Acting in furtherance to Dore NUMA’s authority of colonial fame in the present moment is to undermine the republican independence of Nigerian nation state. Smarks of neo-colonialism this not only inciting,but also, is a gross invitation to yet another crisis in Warri and environs.

“The Ijaw people are equally indigenous Nigerians. This gentleman  response is intended to protect and promote the emerging relative PEACE IN WARRI.

“The present random pipeline bombings in our collective environment of the Niger Delta is most unfortunate and stands condemned. However, this doesn’t anyway suggest that the good Ijaw people are envisaging war against their new found Itsekiri brothers no sooner they both agreed to live together in peace brokered by former governor James Onanefe Ibori under WARRI ROADMAP TO PEACE.”

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