OML 42: Signing GMoU in Lagos by Neconde/NPDC JV fraudulent – DIYMPA

By Ebi Perekeme

The Delta State Ijaw Youth Movement for Political Advancement (DIYMPA) has fingered the ongoing Global Memorandum of Understanding (GMoU) in Lagos orchestrated by the Neconde/NPDC JV operating in OML 42 communities as hocus-pocus and waste of time.

In a press statement and signed by the president of the group, Comrade John Dekawei, said the GMoUs process ongoing were misleading and does not have the backing of the OML 42 communities.

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The GMoU has never worked in any community in the oil producing communities, said the statement.

It continued, “Unfortunately, the NPDC/ Neconde JV had already prepared a document for us to sign. They said we should not ask for anything other than what was in the document.

“The communities were not allowed to state their problems because they claim to know them more than they know themselves.

“Nothing has since been done in OML 42 communities since their operations by Neconde and NPDC and our people are suffering. Our youths are jobless and Poverty is really biting us.

“The ongoing GMoU process in Lagos is another way of enslaving the host communities in OML 42 and we will not allow the process to stand.

“How can you take some selected people to Lagos to sign a GMoU. The GMoU document should be brought to the communities of operation and not Lagos.

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“We called on the state government to call the Commissioner of Oil & Gas to order, who is the brain behind the GMoU process for personal benefit.

It was learnt, as according to the group, that communities are being forced to sign this GMoU to which they are not certain about its process and they therefore reject the entire process.