Oil Pipeline Contract: Leave Tompolo alone, Izon elders tell critics


Oil Pipeline Contract: Leave Tompolo alone, Izon elders tell critics

…say Tompolo deserves praise, not criticism

Izon Okosu-Otu, a prominent Izon Council of Elders concerned with the affairs of the Niger Delta has warned traducers of the former leader of the defunct Movement for Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND), and Popular Niger Delta freedom fighter, High Chief Government Ekpemupolo aka Tompolo, over the pipeline Surveillance Contract, to leave him alone, as no other Niger Deltan presently deserves the pipeline surveillance contract more than him.

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The group which has been in the forefront for the agitation for among other things peace, equity, environmental justice and inter-ethnic cordial relationship in the Niger Delta for well over two decades, stated this on Wednesday in press statement signed by Chief Bare Etolor and Chief Fred Anisah, Chairman and Secretary respectively.

According to the socio-cultural group, “Tompolo deserves it as a matter of right and for his track records. No other Niger Deltan presently deserves this job than him. No one still alive has paid more dues in the Niger Delta struggle than Tompolo. It’s unfortunate and even amazing that so much unnecessary noise is made out of a legitimate and beneficial contract to him.

While it describes as curious the fact that this same contract for several years was in the hands of others who are well below Tompolo and are unknown in the struggle, yet there was no fuss, the Group stressed that they will be failing on their usual role as elders if they do not add their vocal voice into the present hullabaloo over this matter.

“The present contract is awarded to about three other companies, yet only the fraction to Tompolo has become an issue for protest. As Niger Deltans, the question is- why are the multi-billionaire dollar oil mining licenses and oil block gifted to only Non-Niger deltans are always overlooked by our seasonal agitators calling for the heavens to fall for Tompolo little contract?

“This is not ordinary. It seems to be the handiwork of our perennial Niger Delta enemies who are hell bent on seeing that we are never united. There is no doubt that some very genuine agitations for inclusion but such must be based on neither greed nor envy.

They noted with pride that Tompolo has started very well by reaching out to all the various stakeholders far and wide, high and low. And therefore, advised Tompolo’s traducers to sheathe their swords and put heads together to see the success of this contract as it is for the good of the Niger Delta as a whole.

“Our prayer is that God should give him the wisdom and courage to prove our enemies wrong in his effort to excel in his chosen part to greatness. We are watching, we are waiting! They concluded.