Mulade tasks Niger Delta stakeholders to protect their environment from devastation

Chief Sheriff Mulade

Says Nigerian leaders are trading with the future of the generation unborn

By Loveth Ojogun

A peace ambassador and human right advocate, Comrade Mulade Sheriff has raised alarm over what he described as a looming uprising and uncontrollable civil disobedience capable of disrupting the relative peace in Nigeria, adding that Nigeria is bleeding and sitting on a keg of gun powder due to bad Leadership and government insensitivity to the hardship pervading majority of its citizens.

The Global Peace Ambassador made the assertion in Lagos while speaking with journalists on the state of the nation and   noted that there is the urgent need to adopt alternative Leadership pattern to reach the less privileged Nigerians.

He said “Our democracy appears to be in comatose and what  is being practiced today as a political system is a fraud and a conduit pipe that is  impoverishing the generality of people. 

Mulade opined further that; “the present system can succinctly be described as the cobra style in leadership and the venom of their poison chalice is poverty as political remuneration as is presently being dispensed only helps to drain the nation’s treasury in their selfish interest and  to the detriment of the generality of our people”.

“Unfortunately our nation has just witnessed some political wars and killings in the name of election in open disregard to fair principle of electing leaders. 

Gangsterism has  become the common and most acceptable way to gain democratic power. There are clear manifestations of what can best be described as direct subversion of the known process to peace as we saw glaringly the modest of James Bond type of film acted by politicians, cheating, corrupting democracy and buying themselves into power to dominate the electorate to their own Injury”, he said. 

The  Activist  called on Nigerian leaders to correct what he described as leadership dysfunction to avert looming wind of uprising as the nation cannot afford to experience the happenings in DR Congo which today is adjudged the worst country in the world in spite of her huge resources. 

According to him also “A  large number of Nigerians decided to maintain the sit down and look postures in the just concluded concluded general elections as a way of registering their protest. The Country witnessed voters apathy like never before and this culminated into very low turn out of voters. The lowest ever experienced in our democracy. In the midst of all these political abracadabra, contestants who seemingly won elective positions through these charades called elections are celebrating. The pervasiveness is so high and a random sampling of opinion shows that many Nigerians are bleeding in their hearts and like the biblical John the Baptist crying in the wilderness, I am raising a lone voice to admonish our present crop of leaders not to destroy the country in their selfishness and quest for plates of portage. 

The Nigerian Youths are Jobless which alone is a serious case in our hands. I see the MIDDLE EAST wind of uprising coming closer, and this can only be averted if we give the Nigerian youths hope and a better life”. 

Lamenting further, he kicked against the   wastage as experienced in the conduct of elections which to him is heart breaking. 

“It will interest Nigerians to note that in 2011 elections the government spent over 85 billion Naira, while 2015, it was about 150 billion Naira and in 2019 elections, the government is spending a huge amount of over 255 billion Naira to conduct elections for an administration with a span of four years”, he said. 

Hear him;“If these amounts are judiciously utilized for national interest it will help fix our roads and crawling power problems. I think  there should not be need for elections in Nigeria again if what we promote is brazen wastage and without elections we can still dispense governance and remain as one entity”.

“The time has come for us to solve Nigeria problems by adopting a deliberate and pragmatic approach by forming a National coalition government for unity and development drawn from the six geopolitical zones where each zone will run a single term of 5years, in such government, the President, Vice President, Senate President, Speaker House of Rep, Chief Judge of the Federation and Secretary of Federation will be drawn from the six geopolitical zones to form the National Coalition Government, while service Chiefs will emerge based on merit and seniority without any interference by executive, legislature or the judiciary. In this wise,  every arm will be independent to deliver on its mandate”, he added. 

In his words also “The National Coalition Government will focus on addressing and solving our security, roads, Power, education, water and environmental problems within a short period of 30 years. Nigerian leaders are trading with the future of the generation unborn. Our former presidents, former Vice presidents, former Governors, past and the present crop of political leaders as the major problem of Nigeria”.