*Serious minded participants may be trained abroad
*Appeals to Government and Oil Companies for partnership.

A Niger Delta based Non Governmental Organization, One Love Community Development and Promotion of Peace Initiative, OLCDPPI, have yesterday in a one day Youth Orientation Programme held at the Youbebe Community town hall, Ogulagha Kingdom in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State have empowered over 100 youths across the Kingdom.

Addressing participants in the event, Apst. Dr. Godspower Tomone, the founder of the NGO, maintains that as rich as Ogulagha Kingdom is in Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State have not really gotten to where it ought to be.

Stressing that the event is organized to change the destinies of youths in the Kingdom, he calls on participants to be serious in the training while reiterating that the event will be organized on a monthly basis with youths drawn from the various communities that make up the Kingdom.

He assured participants that with their seriousness, they stand a chance of been trained abroad and within the country as forms are to be given to participants to acquire different vocational skills and academic disciplines.

On his part, Comr. Sunday Oluku, the executive secretary of Ogulagha Kingdom Youths Council however thanked the initiator of the NGO, while noting that the Kingdom is host to many wealthy people as he took the rare step in investing on the lives of the youths which he said are the leaders of tomorrow.

Lauding the initiative, he said in no distant time, the government and the multinational oil companies will be looking forward to partner with him while calling on participants to be serious and put in their best as such will be the only way in paying the NGO with good result. He charged them not to disappoint the MD.

The event also featured lectures like the importance of education, early child marriage and its effects and a lecture beamed on the Niger Delta region and the way forward was also discussed with a view of changing the perceptions of the youths.

Speaking to Gbaramatu Voice Newspaper during an interview session, the founder of the NGO, appeals to the government and multinational oil companies operating within Ogulagha Kingdom to partner with it, as the OLCDPPI, was established since 2012, he noted that maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in the Niger Delta region can only be achieved through such means as the youths will be productively engaged, hence would not have the time to think as the idle mind is the devil’s workshop.

Apst. Tomone, stated that with support from the Government and Oil companies, he boasted that the NGO would go far in contributing its quota of sustaining peace in the region.

Speaking on the insecurity of the Niger Delta region, Godspower, condemned operation crocodile smile and the dispatching of military to the Niger Delta Creeks, according to him, he said, “crocodile does not smile”, hence there was no need to dispatch them in the first place, he however, wonders on why such would be the case when peace should have been the remedy, he berated the federal government for not sincerely addressing the Niger Delta question, noting that the money they are spending on security votes are enough to develop the region. “The region does not need such military harassment as development” he said.

In similar manner, Comr. Humphrey Oluku, the secretary general of Ogulagha Kingdom Youths Council, lauded the founder of the NGO who is also the CEO of Godspina international limited, while maintaining that the idea is timely and a welcome development as the programme will undoubtedly reorient the youths on how they currently see things.

Comr. Oluku also lambasted the federal government on their relentless and continued militarization of the Niger Delta Region while urging the militants and the government to totally embrace dialogue as the only panacea to peace in the region, he also frowns at the modus operandi of the military operations so far adding that it has brought untold hardship to people of the region.

A participant in the programme, Mss Alaro Doubra, from Youbebe Community in Ogulagha Kingdom claims that the NGO have allegedly affected her positively as the gains cannot be overemphasized. According to her, her life has been transformed tremendously as she hope to further her education through the NGO.

Doubra prayed that Lord almighty shall continue to enlarge the cost of the founder to always continue the programme for its gains cannot be expressed orally or verbally.

The mission statement read “One Love Community Development and Promotion of Peace Initiative, promotes peace and development through our teaching program, the initiative is designed to educate the youths on the need for peace and Development in the Niger Delta region.

We believe in education as the key for peace and development. We believe education is the only way to end poverty and lead people to a happier and healthier life.We want to reinforce cultural identity, encourage diversity and understanding through learning.”

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