N’Delta group gives nod to Pondei as Ag Managing Director of NDDC

Prof. Pondei

Prof. Pondei

By Ebi Perekeme

A coalition of groups representing the nine states under the NDDC has congratulated with the Ag. Managing Director of the commission.

A statement issued on March 1, by Pureh Kalango (PNP), Ugochukwu Ezigbo, Oputa Henry Abbiye, Mienpamo Saint, Engr Sunny Udi, and Prince Akarolo, said, after consultation with leaders of the Niger Delta, they had to express optimism that the appointment of Professor Kemebradikumo Daniel Pondei as Ag Managing Director would bring relative peace. 

They added that their stance was because it has fulfilled two out of three of their demands namely: (1) an apolitical Managing Director. (2) A managing director that satisfies the zoning formula as enshrined in the NDDC act 2000.

‘We thank Mr President for also appointing an independent audit firm Olumuyiwa Bashiru and Co, to conduct a proper audit and also pray a proper board is constituted after a proper verification is carried out,” the group said.

Mr Pureh Kalango (National coordinator Person Not Party) said Pondei’s appointment was not only a personal honour and affirmation of confidence in his ability to turn things around in the NDDC but also placed the Niger Delta region on a path to posterity judging by his antecedent in various positions he held.

Among other things the group called on the Ag Managing Director to Work in harmony with staff and major stakeholders; Partner with all governors in the nine Niger Delta states and avoid the temptation of been partisan with development; Ensure only genuine and completed jobs are paid for after proper investigations have been carried out.

Finally the coalition assured the Ag Managing Director that they would ensure the independence of the commission was protected and all programmes initiated by the Pondei-led committee succeeded within the period they serve.