My Poor Background Spurs Me Into Philanthropy….Mike Loyibo


The founder of Mike Loyibo Foundation and a co-founder, Pan Niger Delta Forum (PANDEF), High Chief Mike Loyibo is a committed philanthropist that have impacted heavily in the lives of many indigent people in the Niger Delta, especially his home state, Delta.

In a chat with GbaramatuVoice, he highlighted his desire to continue the good deeds and explained that his own growing up, was fraught with pains and sufferings, excerpts;

Can you give us an insight into what motivate you to embark on this noble projects?

I have been actively involved in promoting and enhancing the quality of the lives of our people for many years. Growing up, I experienced the sufferings and pains of our people, even right in the midst of our abundant God- given natural blessings, as a result of oppression.

This drove me into activism and I’ve become so passionate about seeing that our people live  good lives. By God’s grace, we have provided shelter, scholarships and jobs for many even, when it wasn’t convenient. I constantly have a burden to help as much as possible and I see it as a blessing from God.

How do you think this good intention of yours, can impact positively  on the economic growth of this area?

Through what God has used me to achieve in the lives of people, I have seen hope restored and the faces of many gleamed with joy as a result of the dramatic turnaround in their situation.

Many of these small businesses they’re starting, will go a long way in imparting their families and the community in general. The peace that comes to a community as a result of the people being gainfully engaged is unquantifiable and I will continue to promote peace in our communities through my charity works.

People always initiate these kind of projects for political purposes. The 2019 general election is around the corner, Is this for your political ambition?.

This has nothing to do with politics.  In fact, I have been doing this throughout my adult life and I’ll continue to do so, by the grace of God who has given us the means.

Are there any particular criteria used in selecting the beneficiaries of this empowerment scheme?

I have a team that carry out a comprehensive assessment of the applicants and based on their assessments, we pick the most vulnerable.

What are some of the mechanisms put in place, to monitor or  assess the prospective  beneficiaries?

Before providing the empowerment, we always found out, what their plans are. I have a monitoring and evaluation team in place, that ensures that the funds are judiciously used to a great extent.

Do you intend to sustain the program in more years to come?

This is what we have been doing for many years and we will continue, by the special grace of God.

What advice do you have for the beneficiaries?

They should take advantage of this empowerment to take their lives, to another level. Diligence and commitment is required on their part, to ensure that the small business they are setting up, grow.

By Brakerekebina Birinimigha


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