IYC Protest Over FG’s Failure to Constitute NDDC Board: Question(s) Begging For Answers


By Our Editorial Board 

1. Of what direct use or benefits will consistuting the NDDC’s Board be to our communities/Niger Delta?

2. Is NDDC’s Board the problem of the Niger Delta region?

3. If yes, how has the outgone NDDC’s Board, impacted positively to the development of the region?

4. What is the link between Constituting NDDC’s Board and the shutting down of oil companies operations in the Niger Delta?

5. Is the shutting down of oil companies operations in the region a way of holding them accountable for their failures and failings to develop their host communities or just because we want NDDC’s BOARD to be constituted?

6. What has the constistution of the NDDC’s Board on one hand and the protest on the hand, got to the do with blockage of the East-West Road?

7. Hope the innocent youths are not being manipulated by some faceless policians in the region and IYC leadership for their own selfish reasons?

8. As a people what exactly do we want and who exactly is our problem?

9. Do we truly need a commission or a board to develop the Niger Delta region? This question comes to mind when one one remembers that neither Lagos nor Abuja as Federal Capital Territories was not developed by a commission or ministry.

It is time for us to put on our thinking caps and allow sanity to prevail. In the opinion of GbaramatuVoice, the factors militating the development of the Niger Delta region is lack of political will on the government (federal and state). It is not a function of a commission or ministry.

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