Ijaw Monitoring Group has described Pa GKJ Amachree, the lawyer of late Ijaw hero, Isaac Boro, during his treasonable felony trial, as a Nigerian patriot and an African giant who was the first Nigerian Under Secretary-General of the United Nations (UN) during the early days of the United Nations.
In a tribute by Mr. Joseph Evah on behalf of the Ijaw to mark the 100 years posthumous birthday of the first Kalabari lawyer, the people appealed to President Muhammadu Buhari to name the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building after Amachree in honour of the man who was the first permanent secretary and solicitor-general of the federation in 1958, adding that the Ijaw icon elevated the legal department to full-fledged Ministry of Justice.
“We are proud that the Ijaw nation produced one of Nigeria’s founding fathers in the diplomatic world. As a global citizen in law, he was one of the first set of Africans to be honoured as Queen’s Counsel (QC) long before the rank of SAN was created in Nigeria in 1975.
“The resources control story is not complete without the name of GKJ Amachree. He was the lawyer to Isaac Boro, the pioneer resource control agitator who declared Niger Delta Republic even before the Igbo Biafra Republic. GKJ defended him to the level the Gowon administration granted him amnesty. Later that struggle led to the creation of Rivers State among others for the minorities.” it is sad that today politicians don’t want to know about GKJ Amachree, shame on their conscience.”
“GKJ was first class intellectual who led several delegations to end the civil war, a philanthropist, lover of sport and industrialist, it was on record that he was the first Nigerian to establish a private airline as well as the first Nigerian Football Association (NFA) chairman among other uncommon achievement to build this nation, so the absent of any monument in honour of this giant is unacceptable and we are demanding for justice in his case.”

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