Hold Peter Obi responsible if anything happens to me – Reno Omokri

Hold Peter Obi responsible if anything happens to me – Reno Omokri

Reno vs Obi

Hold Peter Obi responsible if anything happens to me – Reno Omokri

Former President Goodluck Jonathan’s aide, Reno Omokri, has said Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate should be held responsible if any mishap happens to him or any of his family members.

Omokri raised the alarm over his safety and family members in a tweet.

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The “TableShaker” alleged two supporters of the former Anambra Governor were caught on CCTV trailing his family.

He added the Metropolitan Police were already in possession of the images of the two supposed ‘Obidient’ stalkers.

Reno tweeted: “Again, I reiterate that if anything happens to me, my wife, my children, or my siblings, the world should hold Peter Obi responsible. To those two men who followed us, you were caught on CCTV and your image is with the Metropolitan Police. Continue being Obidient!”

In a preceding tweet, Omokri shared a video which captured an Obi supporter fuming about APC-induced hardship then turned to explain how annoying it was that someone like Reno Omokri who isn’t resident in Nigeria would dare to tell Nigerians in the country who to vote for.

After the furious man’s part was cut short, it showed Omokri advising him to rather channel his anger to those who brought about the hardship and not on people trying to proffer solutions.

Captioning the video, Jonathan’s aide noted it depicts what will befall Nigerians in a Peter Obi-led government.

According to him they will attack and go after the family members of anyone who critiques them, tagging their critics ‘enemy of Nigeria.’

He added: “This is what awaits Nigerians in a Peter Obi government. Any critic will be attacked. They will go after your family. Your children. You will be insulted, abused and threatened by their cyber bullies. Anyone who questions Peter will be tagged ‘enemy of Nigeria’!”