Group gives Buhari ultimatum to reinstate Derrick Mene to NDDC

By Adamu Usman

A group- Conscience of Ogoni People, has given President Muhammadu  Buhari a five-days ultimatum to reinstate Derrick Mene to the position of Executive Director, Finance and Admin of the NDDC that he was recently removed from and replaced by an Ikwerre man or risk the wrath of Ogonis.

Issuing the threat at the  Finimale  Nwika hall during the 2019 Ogoni General Assembly in Bori was the leader of the group – Chief Gani Togba who also stated the readiness of Ogonis to dialogue with the SPDC so oil exploration activities can commence in Ogoniland.

He said: “We give the Federal Government five days to reinstate Mene or else they will realise they have undermined the Ogoni struggle.

Mene was not there as Mene but was there to fill the slot of the Ogoni people,” and posited the resumption of oil exploration activities by the SPDC will lead to a rapid development of the area.

Chiefs and elders of Ogoni were in attendance at the meeting.

In a  swift reaction,  however, the president of the Initiative for Transparent Strategy  and Good Leadership- Chizzy Enyi, said the allegation was baseless and wondered why Togba did not raise the alarm when Mene was appointed to complete the tenure of Henry Ogiri.

He said Ogonis have benefited judiciously from the leadership of the Minister of Transportation,  Rotimi Amaechi in the  past years.