Eschew Violence, Ex-militant Leader, Pastor Reuben Tells Niger Delta Youths

•Use The Media To Attract Development

•It Is Good To Serve God -Pastor Kesiye

A former member of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta, MEND, General Reuben Wilson has called on Niger Delta youths to eschew violence and seek the region’s peaceful development using the media as a vehicle.

He made this call yesterday in Warri while attending the 24th Foundational Anniversary service of Holly Wood Zion, Cherubim & Seraphim Church under the leadership of Snr Bonarge Kesiye Tukuru.

According to Wilson who is also known as General Pastor, youths should as a matter of urgency eschew violence and embrace peace.

They should also focus on developing their region which is the Niger Delta adding that without peace, they cannot achieve this development as targeted.

In his words, “The era of violence has gone. This is when we have to use our head to achieve what we want.

“What should be our most concern now should be how to develop our region to attain the same status with Abuja.”

General Pastor stressed that the money used in developing Abuja and other parts of the country were derived from Niger Delta.

Continuing, the former MEND member said that it is great being in the House of God.

He further praised the Senior Pastor of Hollywood Zion Ministry whom he described as his elder brother for the great work he is doing in the House of God.

Responding, the Founder and National Coordinator of the C&S Church, Snr Bonarge Dr. Kesiye Tukuru advised everyone irrespective of their beliefs to serve and honour the Almighty God in order to benefit from His blessings.

Among guests present at this year’s Foundation Anniversary include Snr Bonarge Kabe Roland; Snr Bonarge Disi Moses; Snr Bonarge Engr. Olowo; Snr Bonarge Philip Tonfawei; Snr Bonarge Haggai Maware; Snr Bonarge Awo Joseph Febaide; Apostle Julius Tonfawei; Snr Bonarge Jeffrey Ojogun.

Others are Lady Evangelist Julie Feyijimi; DSP Meleye Roman; Pastor Reuben Wilson; amongst numerous guests present.