Mrs Mabel Ekpemupolo, CEO, M&G Shopping Mall

By Abai Francis

Mabel Ekpemupolo, wife of the former chairman of Warri South West Local Government Council in Delta State, Hon. George Ekpemupolo, has cautioned female entrepreneurs not to rely solely on their husband’s wealth.

She gave the caution on Saturday at the occasion of the official opening of her shopping mall, M&G Shopping Mall situated in Effurun, a suburb of Warri in Delta State. 

The CEO told the gathering that she set up the outfit in her bid to bring luxurious products to the reach of not only the well-to-do but the less privileged in society.

Mrs. Ekpemupolo assured the general public that its products would be very much affordable to all irrespective of their social status.

The Mall, which offers children’s wears, adult wears, fabric materials and accessories, was officially declared open for business by the head pastor of Praise Centre, Bishop (Dr.) Cletus Fianu of the Church of God Mission International.

While speaking to GbaramatuVoice correspondent at the event, which was graced by the high and low in society, Mrs Mabel said she was happy to finally settle down at her own mall while emphasizing that the mall would offer the opportunity to bless the less privileged.

In her words, “I have been doing business for a very long time. At least, this is the fourth place I have moved to but my permanent place now. I give God all the glory.

“You know, some people look at the building and will think that things here would be very expensive. But things here will not be expensive. It will even be cheaper than in other places because it is my personal store.  That is the way I can bless the less privileged; so the prices will be low.”

When asked for her word of advice to women, the CEO said that women entrepreneurs should be hard working and not rely on their husband’s money if they must make it in their businesses.

“I grew from a small place and I have attained up to this standard. Just take it easy and you will make it. Struggle as if your husband does not have anything. Don’t struggle as if your husband has something and you say, ‘let me relax’. No! Struggle as if your husband does not have money and you will make it. But if you depend on your husband’s money, you may not make it,” she cautioned.

Giving a hint on the name of the shopping mall which she said the ‘M’ stands for ‘Mabel’ and the ‘G’ stands for ‘George’, her husband. Hence, Mabel and George Ekpemupolo (M&G) Mall.