Delta Govt has failed us, Ogbe-Ijoh laments over the killing of their son

By Ebi Perekeme

Ogbe-Ijoh people of Delta state on Tuesday, Oct. 15, addressed the press over the killing of their son, Mr. Taylor Williams Ogofugha by Aladja suspected assailants.

Speaking for Ogbe-Ijoh Warri Kingdom in a press release made available to GbaramatuVoice, Chief Monday Keme said that this was not the first time that the supposed killers invaded the town.

According to Keme, “Once again we have gathered here to update the press on the gruesome murder of an Ogbe-Ijoh youth, Mr. Taylor Williams Ogofugha by Aladja assailants on Tuesday, October 15 2019.

“We also recall similar incident on October 11 2018, where Mr. Wilson Oborogha was almost killed while clearing his compound. Similarly, sometime in November 2017, Mr. Samson Bebebo was beheaded in a fish pond. And countless number of attacks leading to the death of many persons and others maimed, disfigured or amputated.”

Chief Keme lamented that these happened despite different peace agreements the two communities have had yet Ogbe-Ijoh had been attacked 21 times.

He said, “We also recall the series of peace accord/agreement entered with government and security agencies and the flagrant violations on the part of Aladja Community as well as inaction of Government and security agencies in this regard.

“Furthermore, we recall the numerous attacks on Ogbe-Ijoh by Aladja Community since 24th of March, 2016. At the last count, Ogbe-Ijoh has been attacked 21 times and all documented.”

The statement added that Ogbe-Ijoh had given the authorities the needed support to quell the bone of contention between the two communities but the problem was still lingering.

Chief keme said, “Ogbe-Ijoh Kingdom has given Government all the needed support for government to resolve the lingering boundary dispute between Aladja and Ogbe-Ijoh.

“It is sad however to note that Government of Delta State finds it difficult to demarcate boundary of the two local government councils, Udu and Warri South West as recognised by existing boundary laws in Nigeria and as maintained by successive Government from 1955 to date.”

The Chief traded blame against the Delta state Government of having all the prerequisite to put to an end the lingering crisis between the two communities.

He said, “It is indeed sad that the Delta State Government despite having all the facts of the matter with specific reference to Western Region Legal Notice No 176 of 1955, instrument establishing the boundary line of the two local Government and others; we are surprised that the Delta State Government is not doing enough to permanently resolve the boundary dispute between Ogbe-Ijoh and Aladja.

“The Government of Delta State sent the State Surveyor General to map out the “disputed area”, which the Government of Delta State is yet to complete. In our view, the failure of Delta State Government to take definite stand on the boundary dispute and deal squarely with defaulting party is primarily responsible for the incessant attacks and killings in Ogbe-Ijoh by Aladja Community.

“It was  assailants from Aladja that killed our son, Mr. Taylor Williams Ogofugha. We therefore demand that these persons be produced by Aladja Community to demonstrate their true commitment to peace by releasing them to the Police as anything short of that is invitation to reprisal attack.”