Delta 2019: Ijaw monarch endorses Ogboru, Uduaghan

His Royal Majesty, Bosu Dio, Ayamabulo 1, the Pere of Iduwini kingdom, Burutu Local Government Area, has endorsed former Governor of Delta State, Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, to represent Delta South Senatorial District in the National Assembly.

The monarch also endorsed Delta State governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru.

Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan receiving royal blessings from the Pere of Iduwini kingdom, HRM HRM Bosu Dio, Ayamabulo 1.

The Ijaw monarch spoke on Monday when the campaign train of Delta State APC landed in Burutu local government as part of its state-wide campaign to solicit the support of the people of the area for the candidates of the party in the forthcoming elections.

The Pere of Iduwini, while speaking during the APC leaders’ visit to his palace in Burutu, charged politicians in the state to play national politics that will bring the needed development to the state.

The revered king who particularly eulogized the leadership and peaceful disposition of Uduaghan, described the former governor as true leader who should be supported to actualize his dream of further development for the area.

According to him, “We know Uduaghan as PDP governor. Today, he is in the APC. If you see your leader diverting, a good follower follows his leader and Uduaghan is our political leader.

Chief Great Ogboru receiving royal blessings from the Pere of Iduwini kingdom, HRM HRM Bosu Dio, Ayamabulo 1.

“Delta state has been playing local politics for four years. It is now time to have national connectivity. Let us follow Uduaghan to Abuja and Ogboru to government house Asaba because they are the people Iduwini Kingdom (comprising over 19 communities) knows as friends.”

At the campaign rally, Dr. Uduaghan said supporting Ogboru was borne out of his personal conviction that Ogboru has an undying urge to cause a difference when elected as governor of the state.

“Ogboru has the capacity, knowledge, and grace to create wealth and jobs.

“I am strongly supporting him because I know he can make a difference in business, job creation and education which both of us have same passion for.”

He further told the teeming crowd, “but Ogboru can only make difference if you give him all your votes. Vote for President Buhari. Vote for me as your Senator. Vote for Karona Etonye for House of Reps and our House of Assembly candidates.”