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Cooking gas explosion kills husband and wife in Warri

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File photo: Gas explosion

No fewer than two persons (husband And wife) have been reportedly killed on Friday in a gas explosion at Eboh Street in Warri, Delta State.

It was learnt that the explosion occurred when the husband went to the kitchen and picked a phone call near the cooking gas where his wife was cooking.

The victim’s neighbors in a video shared by one Barrister America God’stime could be heard praying for their safety while trying to rush them to the hospital with the assistance of the police.

Barrister God’stime explained that people should be careful about the way they use phones especially when using a gas stove.

“This incident happened yesterday at Eboh Warri. The wife was cooking and the husband went to the kitchen closed to the gas, he picked a call and there was explosion, this is a lesson to all of us who are not safety cautious stay safe” he said.

“We should be careful about the way we use phones especially when using a gas stove. Research shows that, if there’s a gas leak you’re not aware of and your phone heats up to the point where there is a short circuit, the small arc of electricity created, combined with the gas, could cause an explosion.

“This also goes for using your phone’s torchlight to tinker with your generator when there’s fuel in it. The chances of this happening are slim, but it’s better to be safe than sorry,” he added. 

File photo: Gas explosion