Condemnations have continued to trail the weekend bombings of five oil and gas installation by the rampaging Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) after a lull in their nefarious activities.


A foremost Non-Governmental Organization, Center for Peace and Environmental Justice (CEPEJ), has joined the league of Nigerians and organizations to condemn the dastard acts which have upended the gains recorded in recent weeks.


This is contained in a statement signed by its Coordinator, Comrade Sheriff Mulade, stating that the continued bombings of oil and gas facilities was ill-wind that does the region no good rather it was adversely affecting the environment and slowing down the economy.


The NGO reiterated its appeal to the Avengers to sheathe its swords and allow peace to reign as no development can take place in an environment wracked by conflicts.


Besides, the Center appealed to the federal government to go ahead with the proposed peace talks, but cautioned against engaging the militants in the peace parley, suggesting rather that critical stakeholders should be identified and engaged by the government; otherwise government would create more rooms for other pseudo groups to emerge.


‘’If the government wants to truly resolve the issues, it should involve critical leaders and not political stakeholders; otherwise it will be another jamboree and failed attempts. The fundamental issues are clear: the people of the Niger Delta need development and remediation of their environment which has been devastated by years of oil and gas exploration and exploitative activities.


‘’The politicians are the beneficiaries of the system. When they are fraternizing with the militants on one hand, they want to end militancy on the other. That is why we said the government should not make it a political talk, rather Niger Delta stakeholders at the grassroots should be involved’’.


The group warned that the Dialogue Committee constituted by the Federal Government should not be seen as a diversionary ploy, explaining that weeks after President Muhammadu Buhari announced the composition of the committee, nothing concrete has happened.

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