By Asiayei Enaibo

The Chairman of Bomadi Local Government Area, Delta State, Mr. William Angadi has called on security agencies in the state recently to assist the residents in securing the LGA as security in the area.

He said that security has degenerated in the past one year in Bomadi due to increase in rate of involvement of majority of youths in crimes and criminality.

Angadi said this while narrating the level of insecurity in the council. He fingered that this was not farfetched because of supposed involvement of indigenes in criminal acts. 

Against this backdrop, local vigilante was set up in each of the communities in order to guide and coordinate the in and out of people in the communities. Yet, this was not forthcoming.

According to him, the purpose for the vigilante was because they knew strangers who come in and out, as well as members of the communities. Hence it was expected of the vigilante to take necessary actions immediately.

However, Angadi stressed that few weeks ago, some of the criminals were arrested and handed over to the law enforcement agencies.

Going further, he said the community chairman and other leaders act as security officers in the communities. Furthermore, even if there is a change of government, he added, the newly elected committee automatically becomes the security personnel.

“There is another challenge we also have along the road from Oreh. We have a boundary with the neighboring LGA which is Patani, and we don’t exercise authority over that area. 

“But generally, people who don’t know the terrain  will say Oreh Bomadi road, but that bad portion does not fall between our own boundaries there in Patani Local Government, and the only thing we have been able to do is to see how we can discuss Eagle Net to the police mobile patrol force team to be alert on the road.”

He added, “The chairman of every community, the youth leader and others, even if we have a change of government, the new person that comes in automatically becomes the chief security officer in the community, and by so doing we have been able to bring everybody together in the communities down the river.”

Angadi said that it has come to their knowledge that some of the boys terrorising the areas are still in the creeks, adding that based on their own investigation and findings, they are no longer in the territory of the local government area, but in some of the creeks that are very difficult to access.

“We are also making our own investigation, but from our findings they are not within the territory of Bomadi Local Government Area, they are in some of the creeks that are very hard to access.”

He, therefore, call on the Delta State Waterways and Land Security led by Chief Boro Pudu, to frequently patrol the waterways in order to flush them out from the territory completely.

However,  a teacher who pleaded anonymity spoke to GbaramatuVice on the current tread of insecurity in Bomadi overside and its environs, saying “The crime rate in Bomadi is getting tougher on daily basis. 

“It looks as if the era before amnesty was given to the boys has returned, were boys will steal from you, rape you, and even kill you. Very soon people cannot go out, or cannot even stay at home at night.”