Prince Abraham

By David Owei

When Prince Abraham Donokoromo (aka Isaba Abraham), started hobnobbing with musicians at the age of 12 years, his parents were vehemently against the idea. They advice that he should find something more serious doing. He stuck to his dream and today his parents are so proud of him that they have taken him as the star boy of the family.

In this interview with GbaramatuVoice, the Isaba-Ijaw born Abraham, who leads the Ijaw United Brothers Band, tell the world the story of his early beginning.


How did you parents received the message about your early involvement in music at the age of 6 years?

My parents felt that by going into music at that early age I was pursuing a wayward venture. They were vehemently against it. But I told them that it was my destiny. My calling. I refused to stop what I was doing.

But what really inspired you into playing music at that early age? Do you have anyone in your environment or family to copy on this?

There is nothing of such. I recall that those days I had a liking for the music of Ijaw music legend, King Robert Ebizimo. That’s about the only inspiration that I can recall now.

So, are you saying that Robert Ebizimo is your role model?

Yes. As a boy I used to climb the stage and play the drum. I later joined one of the young upcoming musicians of that time, Tony Omoro, who is now late. From there I moved to King Pius Alabini where I played the drum. Then I joined King Allen Alabo.

Which of the instruments do you play?

Specialist in beating the drum and playing the lead guitar.

What inspires you?

I am a born singer. Everything that I observe that is happening around me inspires me. Whatever I do, I always think of what to sing. Most times I sing concerning major issues in the society with a mindset to correct anything that is going wrong. For instance, the issue of money ritual that is trending among some youths. It is a despicable act and those involved need to be cautioned that kind of lifestyle will not yield anything meaningful.

Which is your most popular song?

The one I sang advising against gossips who take a delight in gossiping about their neighbours an action that will lead them to nothing beneficial. If a person is reaping from the benefit of his hardwork, he should be left alone and not be made a subject of bad gossip. It was a breakthrough song for me. It brought me to limelight.

How did you feel on your first time on stage?

On my first time on stage I went the extra mile to impress the crowd. I created a unique style that I know would be talk of the town for a long time to come. I got positive comments from the majority of those that watched my performance that day.

Which major musician have you performed on the same stage with?

I have performed on the same stage with Barrister Smooth and Pere-amaFreetown. My performance that day was quite explosive and memorable.

Have you ever experienced stage fright?

Never. I have never experienced such. What I do is that a day to a show I will go into fasting and prayer. I am not the type that takes alcohol before I go on stage so as to booster my performance. I only take soft drinks.

Will you encourage any of your children to embrace music as a career?

Of course,  I would. I see nothing wrong with that. The music we play now is now fetching us money so I see nothing wrong in encouraging my child to become a musician.

How do you see yourself in five years time?

In five years time I see myself going abroad to perform for a large crowd.

How do you cope with the issue of piracy that is giving artistes sleepless nights?

I don’t have any issue with pirates. What happened is that as soon as I finish producing an album I sell the rights to a marketer.

Women are known to surround musicians. Is your case different?

Women love music and they thus love been in the company of musicians. That does not mean that one should start messing around with any woman that he comes across. Or trying to see their nakedness.

How have you benefitted from music?

I have benefitted from music tremendously. Infact, fans treat musicians like eggs, pampering us and taking care of us.

How does your family cope with your constant absence from home?

They understand the nature of my work. And I also ensure that they lack nothing.

What advice do you have for upcoming musicians?

They should be focused on what they do. They should avoid falling into the hands of wrong people.