Asiughwuru Street’s Criminality and Governor Okowa


Are the police and the JTF in any collusion with that notorious criminal?

2023: Okowa free to choose successor - Ijaw leader

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa


Somewhere in Delta State criminality boldly walks on the surface of the earth. The purveyor/generator of that bold criminality is known but nobody challenges him because everybody is petrified. At his whims and caprices the purveyor of that criminality raids and terrorises everyone, boldly announcing his name as Mr. F and that people are free to report him to law enforcement agencies. Boldly he always tells those he terrorises and raids that the security agencies in Delta State can do nothing to him because he is untouchable with a mystical power to crush them. Have Governor Okowa and the Deputy Governor Otuaro, whose phonologically loud assonantic dance of the vowel ‘O’ administratively welds, yokes and glues them together in their daily dance of administration, heard of this story of criminality on rampage somewhere in Delta State?

Senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa is the governor of Delta State; he is the governor whose doors of communicative contact are constantly kept open for complaint-arrival, complaint-departure and complaint-dissolution. He is also the governor whose vision to finish strong is on voyage towards the 2023 harbour where all the cargoes are programmed to be off-loaded as a stevedore would do.

It is, sadly, Okowa from whom the suffocating criminality in Asiughwuru Street in Okumagba Avenue, Warri, is deliberately or inadvertently kept, and so the notorious criminal in Asiughwuru Street professionally engages his trade with dexterous unpredictability and savagery carrying an unprecedented independence more independent than the American Independence of 1776. For those who don’t know Governor Okowa does not know, Okowa becomes the beach-head for the vilification of the PDP-led government of Delta State because there is a ferocious and cannibalistic reign of criminality in Asiughwuru Street let loose by that notorious criminal everybody knows and only pointed at from a geographically safe distance.

Dear Governor Okowa, because you said Deltans should bring to you their travails which you are poised to carry on your head and ritualistically sink into the ocean as your administrative EKIAN, I have to tell you a story you are deliberately quarantined from as a new-fangled epidemiological mechanism allowed only in Covid-19 struck terriritories.

Criminality roams Asiughwuru street of Okumagba Avenue in Warri. The roaming criminality has grown out of known proportion because it has developed mighty wings deployed capriciously to terrorise the harmonious hitherto habitable space there. The matter has been promptly reported to the Delta State Commissioner of Police but the Police Commissioner said he would not send any police there because the criminal terrorising the street had the capability to consume his boys. He does not want his police officers dead in the hands of a cannibalistic criminal whose dexterous savagery everybody knows. Has a single notorious criminal become more powerful than the Commissioner of Police?

Because the Delta State Police confessed their incapability and unwillingness to confront the criminal, the matter has been equally reported to the JTF. The JTF Commander is even more terrified and unwilling to engage this so-called notorious criminal. The JTF even threatens to physically humiliate anybody that brings any matter of that notorious criminal to them. Are the police and the JTF in any collusion with that notorious criminal?

For a notorious criminal who has seemingly overpowered the Police and JTF, only Governor Okowa and the Delta State Waterways and Land Security committee could salvage the worsening situation. Chief Boro Opudu, the Chairman of Delta Waterways and Land Security Committee could disorientate and teach that criminal a commensurate security lesson. Chief Boro Opudu to teach that criminal a security lesson?Alas! even Chief Boro Opudu has warned me timely against him because he does not want any clash with that area boy. The confessional statements of the Police, JTF and Chief Opudu point to the fact that only you (Okowa), impressively animated by a vision to finish strong in Delta State, could come for rescue operation if you are lucky not to be outwitted by the notorious criminal On rampage in the street.

Okowa, may you Dance into the arena as the young Ozidi to eliminate the criminal terrorising Asiughwuru Street since that criminal had earlier killed the first Ozidi of Jp Clark’s creation. Our divinatoin, like Ola Rotimi’s divination in GODS ARE NOT TO BLAME, reveals that only you(Okowa) have the antidote against the merciless criminal.However, before you launch a deadly attack against that notorious criminal, which I know you will definitely do after this baptism of intimation, let me reveal to you his modus operandi so that you aim accurately at his achilles heels and celebrate his instant death: That so-called notorious criminal often begins his unpredictable dance of savagery on targeted days. On those targeted days which are always quite unpredictable, he raids the entire Asiughwuru Street. Whenever the raid begins, it lasts for over eight hours without any law enforcement agency coming for rescue operation. All the escape routes are usually blocked and every household raided and robbed on those marked days. Some routes through which those in Asiughwuru street could have escaped are being barricaded by illegal builders and land-developers who feel that it is their inalienable right, their perogatgive, to barricade Asiughwuru street with a jaw-dropping impunity and dead conscience.

Dear Okowa, that notorious criminal in Asiughwuru Street even the Police Commissioner Hafiz Mohammed Inuwa, the JTF Commander Admiral Akinjide Akinriade and the Delta Waterways and Land Security Committee Chairman, Chief Boro, Opudu are too terrified to confront is fondly nicknamed Mr. Flood. That criminal named, Flood, has been terrorising Asiughwuru Street for a very long time even before the arrival of your government in 2015. The criminal would first invoke rain upon the street and develop a canal, a river, in the street. The street turned into a canal, all the drainage points illegally blocked by land-developers, he would systematically raid all the households on a canoe because the encumbrance of motors and tricycles is no longer on the street as it has dramatically been turned into a canal likelyto consume them if they dared.

In Asiughwuru street there are no proud gutters, only shallow and dead gutters propositioned and embraced by contextual desertification, as land-developers have illegally blocked all the hitherto functional drainage anchor points. Whenever that criminal Flood canoes and raids the street pitlessly, it always leaves unchallenged by any law enforcement agency. While Mr. Flood canoes and raids the street, the inhabitants of Asiughwuru Street would empty their dustbins into the River or canal and further compound the environmental pollution and discomfort. These conscienceless inhabitants of the street are also criminals in collusion with the criminal called Flood brought by heavy rain. Could this criminal called Flood be the bringer of what they call flash flood deployed by Mr. Flood as the instrument to develop the consuming canal in Asiughwuru Street?

The people of Asiughwuru Street want freedom from the criminality of Mr. Flood. Only you (Okowa) can arrest the criminal and cage him perpetually beyond resurgence because you have the required technology to exterminate Mr. Flood. The criminality of Mr. Flood in Asiughwuru street is more ferocious and destructive than the senseless marauding Covid 19 in the world.

Already there is an exodus from Asiughwuru Street because the security agencies are hamstrung and the people left to the claws of Mr. Flood who canoes and chastises them with scorpions. Everyday there is an exodus because houses are mercilessly raided by that criminal feared in security circles. The dead gutters of Asiughwuru Street are often polluted with household chemicals from dead generators. The inhabitants have been besieged and beleaguered by the notorious criminal the security agents are too scared to dare face to face.

Dear Okowa, even where you are cunningly outwitted by that criminal called Mr. Flood – which is an impossibility – do not lose your sleep because there are many ways to kill a rat without blood. Please, Your Excellency, assemble or congregate professoinal rain-makers and pay them handsomely to channel the rain to other nearby streets with good drainage system whenever it rains so that the criminal Flood would be deprived of his primary enablemlent to raid and terrrorise Asiughwuru Street at his whims and caprices. If professoinal rain-makers engaged could barricade the rain, the serial terrorist of Asiughwuru Street named Flood would be hamstrung, and his criminal thought of constantly capricious raid of the street would have evaporated.

Governor Okowa is likely to finish stronger than envisioned if, among other things,. he is able to arrest and cage the notorious criminal perpetually terrorising Asiughwuru Street with unpredictable savage ingenuity. If minor criminals like illegal land-developers, builders, wealthy men whose dead generator fumes and chemicals pollute the air and the dead gutters and the disgusting criminals who
wait for the rain to empty their stinking dustbins into the Asiughwuru Street canal savagely developed by the criminal Flood could be caged punitively alongside the assassination of the criminal Mr. Flood, Senator Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa shall be remembered forever by Asiuguwuru Street in Warri and kept as a sacred archival material drawn on from time to time by generations born and unborn for inspirational reference and guide for future developmental projections in a world positively challenged and inspired by the developmental imprint of a gone generation – particularly a generation filled to the brim,like a gratified or grateful river bank,with the philosophy of finishing strong in Delta state – if not even philosophically stronger than envisioned by Governor Okowa and his Deputy Governor Otuaro with whom he daily enjoys phonologically assonantal reverberations onomatopoeically reinforced by the ubiquity of ‘o’ in their God-given identities.

By Ekanpou Enewaridideke, Writes from Akparemogbene,Delta State.

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