About Us

About GbaramatuVoice

The Beginning

The GbaramatuVoice was established in 2015 as a monthly tabloid published by the Gbaramatu Publishing Company Limited. It hit the newsstand first on August 2015. The newspaper’s sole objective is to bring to public glare what the management saw at the cradle of its formation as information gap and asymmetrical reportage of the activities and people of the Niger Delta.

This is the GbaramatuVoice’s aim. Since the newspaper berthed, it has carved a niche in record time within its corporate existence. It has assumed leadership position and has become an authoritative gateway through which undiluted news about the Niger Delta is divulged to the world.

Where We Are

The GbaramatuVoice has attained its enviable height today, because of the creative cum visionary leadership of the Publisher, who is ably supported by a dynamic management team and highly professional journalists. The efforts of these persons and team had earnestly given the newspaper a quantum leap.

The broadsheet has within this period, diversified to online news publishing. With dissemination of information as it pertains to the Niger Delta as its top priority, the GbaramatuVoice recently ventured into full-time electronic broadcasting with the establishment of the GbaramatuVoice Television. This Television can only be sourced online.

These achievements however have earned the newspaper, The Ijaw National News of the Year 2017 awards. This was immediately followed by an international award given by the renowned Business Initiative Directions (BID) based in Germany. All these are for GbaramatuVoice’s quality news reportage, analysis and research.

Next Line Of Action

As an organization with a focus on the future, The GbaramatuVoice is poised to take the country’s media industry by storm, using creative and innovative ideas, backed by well-tailored plans that will include short and long terms. Part of the firm’s methodologies to take the country’s media sector to the next level is the GbaramatuVoice media house the management has established. This feat calls for ceremony. The building when completed, shall house the GbaramatuVoice printing press, the GbaramatuVoice Television: a conventional television station that will be dedicated to beaming the pictorial/graphic images from the Niger Delta.

The building shall also accommodate the proposed GbaramatuVoice Radio Station and Media Training Institute, where people shall be trained, with the state-of-the-art media equipment in various areas of modern days media practice, as 21st-century media practitioners.