About Us

About GbaramatuVoice

In The Beginning

Capped with a clear vision and a sharp goal of bridging the information gap and asymmetrical reportage of the activities and the people of the Niger Delta region, Nigeria. GbaramatuVoice which was established in 2015 as a monthly tabloid, had its first printed copies at the newsstand on the 8th August 2015.

With the above table of ideology as its key indicator, the newspaper has carved a niche in record time for its corporate existence; assuming a leadership position, and authoritative gateway by which undiluted news about the Niger Delta gets to the world.

Where We Currently Are

With this quantum leap orchestrated by the creative cum visionary leadership of the publisher, ably supported by the ever dynamic management team and highly professional journalist, the GbaramatuVoice is presently consolidating on the gains of the purposeful leadership provided by the publisher – a feat that has reflected on its daily news reportage and flagship in the affairs of the region.

In view of the above, the organization has within this space, diversified into online news gathering and dissemination to the world and has very recently dabbled into fulltime electronic broadcasting with the establishment of the Gbaramatu Television which currently operates as an online platform.

Following these unprecedented achievements, the newspaper was in 2017 named the Ijaw National Newspaper of the Year and in quick succession nominated for an international award by the renowned Business Initiative Directions (BID) based in Germany for its quality of news reports, analysis and research.

Our Next Line of Action

As an organization with its eye fixed on the future, the GbaramatuVoice is poised to take the nation’s media industry by storm using creative and innovative ideas backed by well-tailored plans (short and long terms).

Part of that effort to achieving this organizational goal is the groundbreaking ceremony of the GbaramatuVoice Media House that we are unveiling today.

It is our hope that the building when completed, shall house the GbaramatuVoice printing Press, the GbaramatuVoice Television; a conventional television station that will be dedicated to beaming the pictorial and graphic images from the region.

The building shall also accommodate the proposed GbaramatuVoice radio station and the media training institute where 21st-century media practitioners from all parts of the globe shall be trained with the state of the art media equipment in the various areas of the modern day media practice. Discussions towards getting this project on a sure footing have commenced with some reputable foreign media establishments.

Though, a gargantuan task we are assured that the seed you sow today through your support will go a long way in bringing all these to reality.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the Nigeria South-South leading and most trusted newspaper, reaching people no matter who or where they are.

Our Mission

To deliver captivating content from the South-South to the world which informs, inspires and entertains through:

  • Engaging talented, creative and spirited people

  • Reaching deeper, broader and closer with our content, platforms and interactions

  • Rebalancing global media by respecting the diversity and humanity of the world

  • Giving a voice to the voiceless people of the South-South, Nigeria.

  • Achieving outstanding results efficiently

Our Core Values

Integrity and respect guide our conduct internally and externally

  • We are with the people – we tell real stories

  • We encourage a pioneering spirit

  • We strive for excellence in everything we do

  • We maintain credibility through impartial, accurate and comprehensive representation of the story of our people.